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Sand filters


   Sand: Yasric - SD Filters

Commonly used in most standard industrial water filtration systems for removal of suspended solids and turbidity.
    Birm : Yasric - BM Filters  Commonly used in industrial water filtration systems for removal dissolved iron, manganese.

    Green Sand : Yasric – GS Filters These filters are used for removing both oxidized iron and iron in solution and hydrogen sulphide. The practical upper limit of iron concentration for these filters is 5ppm. Removal of small amounts of hydrogen sulfide are also achieved. Greensand filters are generally limited to application where the combined iron and manganese concentration is below 15 ppm.

The filter media has three functions:

•  It acts as an efficient filter in removing oxidized iron and sediment.

•  It acts as a contacts catalyst in augmenting the union of oxygen and dissolved iron in water to from oxidized (filterable) iron ( the water must contain at least .1 ppm oxygen for every .7 ppm of iron.

•  In cases where the water has little or no oxygen the media will give up some of its own store of oxygen to oxidize iron.

The media must be regenerated periodically with potassium per manganate (depending upon oxygen content of water) to restore the media. Optional regenerant systems are available to facilitate regeneration. pH must be at least 6.8 for efficient application and temperature should not exceed 120ºF. Chlorine or potassium permanganate may be fed into the water ahead of the iron filter to aid in the oxidation of iron.

    AG Agracleer Filters : Yasric AG Filters For removal of typical suspended matter (for dense sediment use sand filters).
    The agracleer media is a nonhydrous aluminium silicate. It is a lighter weight material

able to handle large removal loads and yet be effectively cleaned with low backwash rates.

This low backwash requirement is an important consideration in keeping pipe sizes to a minimum and in the conservation of water.

The grains have an irregular surface that make an excellent collector of suspended matter and thus produce a high quality filtered water.

Collected sediment is easily removed by backwashing at low flow rates. This low backwash requirement is an important consideration in keeping pipe sizes to a minimum and in conservation of water.

    Anthracite: Yasric ANT Filters Performs nearly identical to a sand bed and used in industrial water filtration equipment where silica pick-up from sand is objectionable.

    In-Depth: Yasric ID Filters These beds are composed of several layers of different media size. In-depth filters allow higher loading rates and longer runs. A sand and anthracite bed is a typical industrial configuration. In-Depth filters will remove sediment down to the 20-30 micron range.

    Multi-Media: Yasric MM Filters Consists of multiple layers of sand, anthracite and garnet. Multi-Media industrial water filters remove sediment down to the 10 micron range.

For removal of both heavy sediment and suspended matter. The multi-layered (Multimeda filter) bed contains a number of distinct layers of media.

The specific gravity and size of the various layers have been selected so that the layers cannot mix but will always stratify in the same order upon backwashing. Because of the reverse grading, collected suspended matter will not from in a layer but rather be collected through the depth of the bed. The unique multi layered feature has advantages over conventional filter beds. It is able to contain substantially more sediment before pressure drop dictates that backwashing is necessary. It is able to filter at high flow rates of from 10 to 20 GPM per square foot depending upon desired length of service run (higher rates reduce time online before backwashing and reduce water quality).It is more able to handle surges in flow rate without unloading or leaking some of the collected turbidity.

High backwash rates are required to properly expend the bed and release the entrapped sediment

    An Acid Neutralizer Yasric ACN Filters The media in acid neutralizing filters is crushed and graded calcium carbonate (limestone). It is used to neutralize corrosive acidic ater and to increase alkalinity and pH.

When acidic water passed through the bed, the media will slowly dissolve. After about six months it is necessary to replace the dissolved media. As the media dissolved it will slightly increase the hardness of the water in proportion to the acidity. Because of this it may be necessary to follow the acid neutralizer filter with a water softener. Waters with low (acidic) pH value and low bicarbonate alkalinity respond best with acid neytralizer filters and pH values about 7 are often obtained with little increase in hardness. On the other hand these filters respond poorly to and are not recommended for waters with low pH and high bicarbonate alkalinity. The filter must be backwashed at regular intervals to keep the bed loose and granular.Do not install on water with pH below 5.0.

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