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Water 2000, Inc hold and control all of its operations from its centers (Head office, marketing office and fabrication facility) located in Lahore.

Here various departments such as design and engineering , sales and marketing, technical services, laboratory analytical services, research and development work collaboratively with top management team. This system is designed to have tight grip over company’s operations to provide quick, efficient and reliable services to all of customer’s.

Water 2000, Inc also engineers and designs complete “turn-key” systems, including skid mounted packages, complete engineered solutions, components and accessories, control panels, and chemical feed systems. Water 2000 Inc’s products are engineered to the highest standards, manufactured to withstand extended use in rugged settings. The company specializes in stainless steel fabrication, but offers a full line of materials to choose from.

Our Services

Water 2000, Inc offers a wide range of water treatment services.

Residential Water Treatment

Water filters
Reverse osmosis systems

Commercial Water Treatment

Water softeners
Ultraviolet sterilizers

Industrial Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis systems
Ultrafiltration systems

Municipal Water Treatment

Surface water treatment
Iron removal systems

Agricultural Water Treatment

Sand filters
In-line Automatic backwash Screen filters

Sewage treatment

Residential wastewater
Site office wastewater
Colony wastewater

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Textile wastewater
Sugar Industry wastewater

Emergency Water Treatment

Water disinfection tablets

Community Water Treatment

UF based treatment systems
Arsenic removal systems

Bottled Water Treatment/Water shop

RO water treatment
Filling stations

Chemicals & Dosing System

Dosing pumps
Chemical dosing systems


RO membranes
UV lamps

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