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Carwash industry uses huge amount of water which is traditionally used once and discharged to sewer. Therefore, our existing car wash facilities are wasting huge volume of water each day. Water 2000, Inc takes initiative to collet this wash water, treat for reuse it back for the car wash process. Our Car wash water treatment system (Nature wise) provides high recovery in efficient manner. We have installed a large no of such plants with many reputed customers including Total Parco Service Station Network all across the country which are fully operational since their start-up. Our systems help recycle up to 90% of car wash waste water that eliminates regular need of fresh water or portable water hence reduces water consumption.

Water 2000 Inc, commitment to provide green water is second to none. We may be called to support your initiative to work collectively for this noble cause. Our team is fully capable of formulating the best solution to your requirements in waste water treatment and recycling/reuse to solve your increasingly complex waste water management problems.

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