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Water 2000, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water and wastewater treatment plants, chemicals and equipments for residential, commercial, & industrial sectors. We offer a wide range of pre-engineered as well as custom engineered solutions for all water treatment / purification needs.

We help our clients buy the best item by guiding them through our qualified, experienced and professional personnel for the efficient use of our products. By this, we have carved a niche in the market. We not only design and manufacture equipment tailored to our client’s need, but also provide fast, reliable and efficient backup technical services. Water treatment is basically carried out to manage the following four types of water quality features.

  1. Suspended Solids
  2. Taste & odor, smell, colour, dissolved gasses etc.
  3. Salt /Ions Separation (Reductions/adjustments)
  4. Bacteria / Virus Removal

Looking into the feed water quality, treated water quality and required system’s operational conditions a best suitable solution is provided to our valued clients which may either improve/ modify one or all of the above water features
We are currently involved in the following main activities:


POTABLE WATER TREATMENT: Chlorinators, Softeners, Sand Filter, Cartridge Filters(Taste & Order, Bacteria), Ozonators, Water Distillers, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultra-Violet disinfection systems.

PLANTS and COMPONENTS: for Water Filtration, Clarification, Softening , EDI, Demineralization ( Two Column DI or Mixed Bed Deionizers) , Reverse Osmosis (Brackish/ Saline/ Sea Water/ Municipal), Disinfection, Ultra-Violet Treatment, Ozone Treatment, Carbon Filtration, Distillation, Mineral Water Plants, Community Water Filtration System.

CHEMICALS: for Boiler/Cooling Water Treatment (Corrosion inhibitors, anti scaling agents and biocides for boiler houses/cooling towers & HVAC systems), Descaling, Ion Exchange Resins (Cationic/Anionic, Specific Ions,), swimming pools Treatment, chemical for RO systems, cleanings/descaling chemicals, activated carbon, birm, green sand, quartz sand, silica sand.

INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROLS: Water Test Kits for Boiler & Cooling Water, Chlorinators, pH Meters, Conductivity Meters/controllers, Dosing Pumps, Solenoid Values, Control Panels, Multiport valves (2,3,4 way).


Water 2000, Inc provides complete consultancy, analysis, design, engineering, fabrication and turnkey installations to industrial, commercial & municipal sectors in the field of wastwater. Our programs include industrial Waste Water Disposal/Treatment/Recycle

Textile Effluent Treatment Heavy Metal Removal Sludge Treatment Chromium Treatment Cyanide Treatment Oleo Chemical Treatment Biological Treatment COD Treatment

Sewage Treatment (Package Plants)
Water 2000, Inc comprises of a team of well versed professional engineers, fully capable of formulating the best solutions to your requirements in the field of water & waste water treatment by solving the increasingly complex problems associated with the feed water quality and different operational parameters. The related plants and systems are offered after detailed study of site water analysis report and customer’s requirements.

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