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Auto-Backwash Self Cleaning Filter

(Industrial, commercial)

The automatic self cleaning filter is commonly used as first filtration step for surface waters such as lake, river or canal water and in wastewater reuse process. These filters are specially designed for high flow rates and continuous operation as they are highly effective in removing suspended solids down to 50 micron without flocculants, pre coats or granular media.


When unfiltered liquid flows into the shell from the inlet, a rigid cylinder screen strains particles from the water source, trapping debris on the inside. This layer of buildup causes differential pressure across the inlet and  outlet. A controller monitors the filter and opens a flush valve when it senses adequate differential pressure. This creates rapid flow through the internal cleaning apparatus which vacuums buildup from the screen and expels it.

These filters are of higher efficiency and precision of range of 30-1500 microns

  • The filtration principle is very simple; the stainless steel screen is installed on a cylindrical shell.
  • The water flows through the screen and the particles are retained on the inside of the screen of the filter element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet.
  • When the particles accumulated to a certain number and the pressure differential increases to the pre-determined level, the flushing cycle starts.
  • It include two steps: First, the automatic drain valve opens on the drainage outlet. Then, electronic motor drives the cleaning brushes which are inside the screen, the solids are expelled through the drain valve.
  • Filters continue to supply filtered water even during the flushing cycle. The whole working system is controlled by a smart box which has several control modes: pressure differential, time, manual and PLC.
  • Reduced silt /fouling in the system
  • Reduced equipment breakdown
  • Reduced fouting on RO / NF/ UF membranes
  • Keeps heat transfer surface clean
  • Reduced RO membrane cleaning frequency
  • Improve microbial system efficiencies
  • Extended equipment/appliance life
  • Keep your systems trouble-free
  • Eliminate un-necessary repair and maintenance
  • Reduced fouling & corrosion
  • Ensure smooth heating and cooling operation
  • Reduced pump wear & tear
  • Commercial – Golf course and sporting field irrigation systems.
  • Industrial  – Pre-pretreatment of UF/RO and waste water recycling.
  • Irrigation – Primary filtration for the prevention of blockages in irrigation system
  • HVAC- cooling tower side filtration and full system
  • Metal Processing Plants – Filtration for water cooling and spray nozzles.
  • Mining – Cleaning of process and waste water. Acidic water slowly dissolves the Neutralizing media to raise pH and increase alkalinity to a satisfactory level.
  • High flow capacity systems also available 0-200 m3/hr
  • Corrosion resistant tanks, internals and piping
  • Available in varying sizes and configurations
  • Simple design for ease of operation setting and service
  • Can be configures as simplex, duplex triplex, Quadruple etc to match your flow requirements
  • Comes with suitable size silica sand/quartz sand media
  • Various control mode such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic available
  • Individual valve nest /Multiport valve options available
  • Automatic backwash flow controllers insuring proper backwash regardless of inlet water pressure
  • Can be coupled with any other pre-post water treatment system
  • Other media options such as Antracite, Birm, Calcite, Catalox, KDF, Corosex, Filter AG, Granular Activated Carbon, Manga-nese Greensand, arsenic removal
  • Comes with inlet water and outlet pressure gauges
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low power requirements
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Spares available


Single  filter flow (max)

4000 m3/h

Filtration range

50/100/200/400/600/1000 micron

Working pressure

0.2-1.6 MPa

Adjustable flushing time

10-200 sec

Power supply

380 v/50 Hz,  AC 24V

Control modes

Pressure difference/time/manual/plc

Shell material

Carbon steel/SS304/SS316L

Screen material


ASCF Auto Backwash Self Cleaning Filter

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