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(Industrial & commercial)

Water being a universal solvent has the ability to dissolve a wide range of inorganic and some organic minerals or salts such as potassium, calcium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, magnesium, sulfates etc. Higher TDS water seriously effect various industrial processes, effect smooth heating and cooling, increase scaling and corrosion tendencies. For these reasons different technologies including resin based deionization are used to reduce the water TDS down to some reasonable value to reduce its impacts and make it acceptable for various uses.

Our NSMB mixed bed units produce high quality water for any application. Depending upon the size of unit, on exhaustion, NSMB water deionizer resin is either planned to discard to waste or regenerate off site. Customized Systems allow for greater flexibility in order to achieve the necessary water quality. AQUA-NSMB deionization systems offer a new dimension in water treatment equipment and have been engineered with both the installer and consumer in mind. Systems are available in many different models and may be customized to fit your application. AQUA-NSMB water deionizers can be used in a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and specialty applications.

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