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Bag Filter

Unfiltered fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around filter bags. Filtration takes place from inside to outside. Solids are collected on the inside of filter bag for easy removal. The filtered fluid then exits through the outer pipe. A bag filter works by the principle of microfiltration. The liquid is purified in bags by passing small permeable pores. Bag filter can be used for large amounts of water. The sizes of these pores are between 1-200 micron. The capacity depends on the surface area from the bags.

Bag Vessel Assemblies keep your system on stream longer by reducing bag filter change time. They are made of lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene to give you all the strength you need without the weight.

Install as a duplex system for totally uninterrupted flow rates. All PBH Series Vessels come complete with gauge, wrench and 3/8″ drain valve. The single large ACME thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing.

Filter bags are available in polypropylene felt, absolute-rated high efficiency polypropylene and nylon monofilament mesh—ideal for filtering and straining applications from 1-800 microns. Molded from rugged reinforced polypropylene, Bag Vessel Filter Housings offer outstanding chemical compatibility and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications. These applications include residential prefiltration, food service, along with commercial and industrial applications for water filtration and chemical filtration. They are equipped with a black reinforced polypropylene cap.

More Features & Benefits

  • Simple design
  • No Tools required. V-Clamp cover closure makes changing bags fast and easy
  • Easy to Clean – Vessel housings are electropolished stainless steel .
  • Versatile Housing will accept either standard/or pleated bags
  • Material of construction selection is S4 (304 SS) or S6 (316 SS)
  • Vessel gasket selection is N (nitrile) or V (viton)
  • Vessel includes perforated SS bag support, Basket available with R (round) bottom for standard bags or F (flat) bottom for pleated bags.

Bag Filtration Options

  • Micron 1-200
  • Felt, Mesh, Micro Fiber
  • Polyester, Polypropylene
  • Handles, Binding, Welded
  • Ring (CS, SS, PP, OS)
  • Finishing Fiber Free Glaze
  • Mesh Cover


  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater
  • Desalination
  • Drainage Water / Leachate
  • Utility Water
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