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AQUA-As Arsenic filter

(Industrial, commercial, residential)

AQUA AsF Arsenic filter system is ideal for providing you with cleaner and healthier water. These arsenic filters produces high quality water free of As-arsenic to suit any household, commercial and municipal application. Like other filters, arsenic filters consist of an adsorbent vessel filled with a supported layer of gravel. These arsenic filters include both automatic backwash valve unit allowing the system to be operated with minimal human intervention and manual backwash system as well. The backwash is typically set at once/twice a week to remove some sediment, and mostly to reclassify the bed. Water quality parameters such as phosphate, silica, pH, NTU and the temperature considerably effect the arsenic removal efficiencies. For high turbidity water or water with iron we recommend pre-treatment to remove any silt or iron.


AQUA-As systems offer a new dimension in water treatment equipment and have been engineered for simplicity and performance in mind. Water 2000 offers a complete range of Auqa AsF systems with optional pre– and post- treatment modules and may be customized to fit your application allowing greater flexibility in order to achieve the necessary water quality.

Arsenic is a semi-metal element that has no taste, odor, or color. It occurs naturally in the environment, or comes in water as as a by-product of mining, or agricultural areas when materials containing arsenic are used in car batteries, ammunition, semiconductor , ore processing, pesticides, treated wood products, herbicides, and insecticides.

Arsenic is considered highly toxic and a carcinogen. Whilst high level of arsenic is understandably an alarming, however, at low levels, arsenic is a perfectly safe chemical to consume. Arsenic becomes dangerous when consumed in high quantities over prolonged periods. Some of the common health issues linked to arsenic are skin lesions, skin cancer, vascular disease, damage to the nervous system and organ cancer. These conditions come about as a direct result of the damage that arsenic causes blood vessels and nerves within the human body.

Our arsenic filter uses specially designed  effective adsorption media carrying proven history across the world for removing heavy metals including both types of arsenic III and arsenic V, providing long operating cycles and lower operating costs than alternative technologies. This media shown a higher arsenic removal capacity and a lower level of ion interference. It effectively remove arsenic in shortest designed contact times thus achieve high arsenic removal efficiencies.

When treated water quality drops below specification, the arsenic removal media must be replaced. The exhausted arsenic removal media is non-hazardous and can be sent to a landfill.

  • Simple and efficient.
  • Lowest As level.
  • Crystal clear water.
  • No more rusty taste or bad color.
  • No hazardous waste or regeneration effluent.
  • Simple design for ease of operation, setting & service.

AQUA-AsF Arsenic filters  can be used in a variety of residential, commercial & municipal drinking water applications.

  • Residential drinking water
  • Whole-house filtration
  • Laboratories
  • Medical /hospital / research
  • Hotels & restaurant
  • Food & dairies
  • Coffee vending machine
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice makers
  • Food chain store
  • Water coolers
  • Juice & fountain
  • Drinking water plants
  • Water dispensers
  • Community water filtration systems
  • Carry best quality As removal for effective As removal
  • Fiberglass reinforced construction for longer corrosion resistant life.
  • Manual backwash or automatic backwash control valve
  • Easy and quick connections
  • All corrosion free internals.
  • 3-6 bar operating pressure
  • Simple design for ease of operation setting & service.

Accessories Available

  • Wide range of inlet/outlet connection adaptors
  • A wide range of pre- & post– treatment systems


Service Flow Rate


Inlet/Outlet pipe size



Tank Size





Shipping Wt




0.75″ 9″ x 44″ 30




1.00″ 13″ x 54″ 50




1.00″ 15″ x 65″ 80




1.00″ 18″ x 65″ 100




1.5″ 21″ x 62″ 150




1.5″ 24″ x 65″ 200




2.0″ 30″ x 72″ 250 330

AQUA-As Arsenic Filter

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