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Water 2000 Inc. offers a wide range of water treatment systems for industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural and municipal applications. For any additional detail or to receive a comprehensive quote , please give us a call on 042 3542039-40 or email us at and one of our professional team member will happily demonstrate, using our solutions, how we can save your significant cost and greatly improve the performance of any of your water or wastewater treatment system.

Looking into the feed and treated water quality and required system’s operational conditions, a best possible and suitable solution is provided to our valued clients.

We are currently involved in the following main activities:


POTABLE WATER TREATMENT: Chlorinators, Softeners, Sand Filter, Cartridge Filters (Taste & Order, Bacteria), Water Sterilizer, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultra Violet disinfection systems.

PLANTS for Water Filtration, Clarification, Softening, Deionizing, Demineralization, Reverse Osmosis (Brackish/ Saline/ Sea Water/ Municipal), Disinfection, Ultra Violet Treatment, Ozone Treatment, Carbon Filtration, Distillation, Pharma stills.

CHEMICALS for Boiler/Cooling Water Treatment, Swimming Pool Treatment, Ion Exchange Resins (Cationic/Anionic), Cleaning kits/Chemical for RO systems.

INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROLS: Water Test Kits for Boiler & Cooling Water, Chlorinators, pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Metering Pumps, Solenoid Valves, Multiport valves (2,3,4 way).



Water 2000, Inc provides complete consultancy, analysis, design, engineering, fabrication and turnkey installations to industrial, commercial & municipal sectors in the field of wastewater. Our programs include

Package sewage treatment system

Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment

Textile Effluent Treatment

Heavy Metal Removal

Oil & Grease Removal System

Sludge Treatment

Chromium Treatment

Biological Treatment

COD Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Sugar Wastewater Treatment

Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Disposal/Treatment/Recycle

Recently, we have gained extensive experience in using hybrid membrane based systems for effluent treatment system for “Zero water discharge community systems, green buildings, sustainable housing solutions, water reuse/recycling, emerging micropollutants control and treatment”.

Further, Water 2000 has also developed / worked on a large no of innovative techniques for sewage mining, water conservation, waste minimization/ waste segregation, water optimum usage in industrial, commercial and residential sectors, active ingredient recovery, water re-use, zero water discharge, water recycling.

We are registered consultant/supplier of environmental engineering products with EPA. We are fully capable of performing all sorts of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  and other related studies. Our programs include industrial Waste Water Disposal/Treatment/Recycle

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