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Many water treatment and wastewater treatment processes require the addition of some chemicals to produce a usable product for human consumption or industrial applications. Water treatment chemicals are used for various applications such as cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, membrane water treatment, municipal water treatment and supply, mineral addition and balancing, industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse applications  etc.  These chemicals are supplied as gas, liquids of various concentrations, or powders for mixing and preparation prior to chemical dosing of the water source. Our A-z product range of water treatment chemicals covers all application of industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment.

Chemicals (What we offer)

From potable water and irrigation use through to stormwater and wastewater re-use schemes, we can provide safety and security to your water resource.

  • Antiscalant, dispersants, descalers and corrosion control , membrane cleaning, biocides, algaecides
  • Coagulants as lime, ferrous sulfate, PAC, alum, flocculent & polymers
  • Municipal water treatment, minerals for bottled water plants, disinfectants chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, ozone, KMnO4,
  • Filtration media (Silica sand, GAC, birm, green sand, KDF, anthracite, calcite), arsenic removal media, ion exchange resins (Cation, anion, mixed bed, specialty resins), Acids, alkalies, oxidants, antifoam and swimming pool

What we offer:

  • A comprehensive range that covers the entire spectrum of water treatment requirements, fully comply with relevant health & safety regulations. Our specialty & economical water treatment chemicals & technologies help improve the performance of your water & wastewater treatment processes through unparalleled service and enhanced plant performance.
  • Services backed by full technical support for the selection and efficient use of these chemicals through our team of  customer support & service engineers, specialised in water treatment processes, equipment and chemistry that allows them to deliver leading chemical advantage to the customers.
  • A ‘total package’ approach, which combines programmed servicing, operator training, field testing, laboratory analysis, chemical supply and delivery.


  • Drinking water treatment (Municipal water treatment, Drinking water supplies, bottled water)
  • Boiler and cooling water treatment
  • Industries such as power generation, petrochemicals, oil & gas, coal, pulp & paper, sugar, agriculture, mining and metallurgy, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food, beverage, milk & dairy industries
  • Membrane water ,treatment systems as reverse osmosis, nano-filtration
  • Industrial & municipal wastewater, water reclaim / reuse / recycling
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