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AQUA-SF Sand filter

(commercial, residential and pool)

Yasric – Sand Filters are  commonly used in most standard residential and commercial  water filtration systems for removal of suspended solids and turbidity. Water 2000 Inc. provides both In-Depth filter and Multimedia Filters. In-Depth filters remove debris down to 20-30 micron while Multimedia filter removes debris further down to 10 micron.

Our specifically designed AQUA-SF systems are capable of straining or filtering a signifi-cant portion of suspended, floatable, sinkable material, colloidal mater, bacteria and other microorganisms from incoming water. These systems uses specially prepared silica/quartz sand (used in various sizes) and gravel beds which ensures effective filtration of all un-wanted materials. The specific media is arranged in such a way that ensures the dirt parti-cles are not able to pass through filter bed rather retained on top of the filter bed. Aqua-SF sand filters have been extensively tested for various applications and are found to give excellent filtration results.

During water filtration, the unfiltered water is distributed in the top of the sand filter which slowly sink through the filter bed. This water flows downward through the filter media (although up flow filters are also available) which initially indicates a minimal head loss across the filter. As retained suspended particles buildup on the filter media, the head loss increases. When the head loss reaches a pre-determined value, backwash in the upward direction is initiated which expand and loosen the bed and allow all of the retained debris flow out of the filter. Sufficient space is provided above the filter bed for expansion during backwash.

Most of the AQUA-SF systems uses downwards pressure filtration techniques. However, depending upon the feed water quality, system design and filtered water application, filtra-tion may also be carried out under gravity flow or pressure flow (Ask Water 2000 Customer Support for additional details).

  • Reduced silt /fouling in the system
  • Reduced equipment breakdown
  • Reduced fouting on RO / NF/ UF membranes
  • Keeps heat transfer surface clean
  • Reduced RO membrane cleaning frequency
  • Improve microbial system efficiencies
  • Extended equipment/appliance life
  • Keep your systems trouble-free
  • Eliminate un-necessary repair and maintenance
  • Reduced fouling & corrosion
  • Ensure smooth heating and cooling operation
  • Reduced pump wear & tear
  • Boiler feed water
  • Drinking water
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Re-circulation systems
  • Cooling tower side stream filtration
  • Energy & power generation
  • Pre-treatment for UF, RO, NF membrane
  • Industrial process water
  • Fruit and vegetable processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Apartments, condominiums & homes
  • Municipalities and councils
  • Food & beverage
  • Dairy industries
  • Universities, colleges & schools
  • Motels & resorts
  • Swimming pools & leisure
  • Service stations/ car wash
  • Hospitals, medical and dialysis
  • Hotels, restaurants & catering
  • Agricultural
  • Wastewater treatment
  • High flow capacity systems also available 0-200 m3/hr
  • Corrosion resistant tanks, internals and piping
  • Available in varying sizes and configurations
  • Simple design for ease of operation setting and service
  • Can be configures as simplex, duplex triplex, Quadruple etc to match your flow requirements
  • Comes with suitable size silica sand/quartz sand media
  • Various control mode such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic available
  • Individual valve nest /Multiport valve options available
  • Automatic backwash flow controllers insuring proper backwash regardless of inlet water pressure
  • Can be coupled with any other pre-post water treatment system
  • Other media options such as Antracite, Birm, Calcite, Catalox, KDF, Corosex, Filter AG, Granular Activated Carbon, Manga-nese Greensand, arsenic removal
  • Comes with inlet water and outlet pressure gauges
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low power requirements
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Spares available
AUQA-SF/ Yasric Commercial Sand Filters

Model Number

Average Service Flow Rate* Media Tank Size Media Quantity (ft3) Piping (Inlet, Outlet)

Backwash Flowrate



M3 /hr Dia (In)

Height (In)

Yasric-SF 0801 5 1 8 55 0.8 1”, 1”” 10
Yasric-SF 1015 7 1.5 10 55 1.5 1”, 1” 12
Yasric-SF 1220 10 2 12 55 2.20 1”, 1” 15
Yasric-SF 1630 13 3 16 65 4 1”, 1” 18
Yasric-SF 2150 22 5 21 65 7 1”, 1” 30
Yasric-SF 2480 35 8 24 65 9 1”, 1” 45

* Performance also depend on feed water quality

AQUA-SF Sand Filter Series ( Commercial )

AQUA-SF Sand Filter Series ( industrial )

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