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Management Team

Water 2000, Inc hold and control all of its operations from its centers (Head office, marketing office and fabrication facility) located in Lahore. Here various departments such as design and engineering , sales and marketing, technical services, laboratory analytical services, research and development work collaboratively with top management team. This system is designed to have tight grip over company’s operations to provide quick, efficient and reliable services to all of customer’s.

Design and Engineering

Water 2000, Inc also engineers and designs complete “turn-key” systems, including skid mounted packages, complete engineered solutions, components and accessories, control panels, and chemical feed systems.

Water 2000 Inc’s products are engineered to the highest standards, manufactured to withstand extended use in rugged settings. The company specializes in stainless steel fabrication, but offers a full line of materials to choose from. The Design and Engineering Team works with customers, customizing systems to fit specific municipal and industrial applications.


Water 2000, Inc’s fabrication facility contains 16,000 square feet of fabrication area, with an additional 3,500 square feet devoted to materials and shipping stores. This expanse allows Water 2000 to manufacture multiple units concurrently. Fabrication “in-house” keeps costs down, affording competitive pricing and unparalleled quality control. Many of the team’s skilled fabricators and welders have been working almost exclusively on Water 2000 style units for 10 years or more.

Water 2000 Inc’s highly skilled, experienced fabricators and welders are dedicated to the firm’s continuous improvement program. Keeping the equipment design modern and fabrication process effective is part of the Team’s ongoing objective.

Our fabrication facilities are equipped with the latest / modern techniques and equipments. Welding machines of all types including (arc, argon, x-ray), sheet cutting, bending and rolling equipments.

Technical Service

Given the history and longevity of Water 2000, Inc style equipment’s installation base, post sale service has become an integral part of the company’s contract with customers. A free service visit, available one year after installation, is included with every Water 2000’s system. A “maintenance reminder” is regularly sent to each customer to recommend scheduled maintenance or offer process improvement suggestions.The Technical Services Team is readily available, providing the process support or replacement parts needed to keep systems operating at peak performance levels.

Analytical Lab

Since our job starts with feed water analysis report, we take every care to ensure that an authentic analysis report is being evaluated. To avoid any serious error in this regards, we have established our own state of the art analytical lab for water and wastewater analysis fully equipped with the latest equipments and techniques.

Civil Work

Our sister concern M/s Escon Builders is capable of handling all types of civil and construction work required in Water and Effluent Treatment Systems. Civil work activities of all of our projects are being performed by M/s Escon Builders. They have a vast experience of completing civil work jobs upto 15.0 millions.


Water 2000, Inc always maintains a sufficient stock level of major parts for all systems supplied to its clients.

We also retrofit and/or repair tanks, equipments or complete units at your location or in our Lahore fabrication facility.

For questions regarding spare parts or to place an order please contact our office at (042) 3594 8841 or e-mail

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