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Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms, cyclones, fires, hurricanes and tsunamis, etc., leaves an unforgettable devastation and destruction effects all around the affected area and also seriously disturbed the available infrastructure of energy, transports, and utilities especially access to clean and safe drinking water. The dysfunctionality of public facilities (water supply) due to power outage or any other reasons poses an immediate threat to our public. People struck with such disasters need our immediate support for food and safe drinking water for their survival. Contaminated water can cause short-term life-threatening dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea, or long-term chronic disease due to chemical or bacterial toxins. Power outage further limits the available solutions for drinking water relief work.


Water 2000 Inc. offers a wide range of emergency relief water purification products to get clean water during emergencies and disaster relief. These includes but not limited to mobile water treatment systems (both RO and UF), standard filtration and UV sterilization, flocculent/disinfectant powder, chlorination systems (liquid, tablets and powdered) and small pitchers, filter, ultrafiltration straw, etc., bulk water transport, which can be used for all types of emergency scenarios.

These systems provide a strong foundation of relief work for any disaster as water is the key element to our survival. Further, these systems may apply on the spot for many non-grid areas, army camps, recreational camps and resorts to get purified drinking water for general use. Water 2000 Inc. guarantees quick provision of small and medium size drinking water solutions for short term and long-term emergency scenarios.

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