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  1. Water along with air and sunlight is a necessary element of our life.Water is obtained from various sources. With some basic treatment it reaches our homes, factories or point of use through pipes.There are about 35 metals and ions normally found in any water but our water test labs just evaluate about 12 of them. They don’t take any serious notice of the other dangerous elements, chemicals present in water.There are 35,000 pesticides containing 600 chemical compounds. Yet municipal water systems are only required to test for six. Many of these chemicals are known to cause birth defects, nerve damage, sterility and cancer.More than 700 organic chemicals have been identified in drinking water, and some of them are suspected cancer causing agents.The report shows that 74% of the nation’s 65,000 community systems are unable to meet minimum standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.A recent government study found that more than 68% of all large public water systems contain traces of one or more toxic substances. … Public water systems do not test for the carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals that are being found

    About 85% of our total population don’t have access to safe drinking water.

    Drinking water is one of the most important symbol of life. However water is not reaching us in its pure and safest form (There are a no of reasons for its impure form).

    Home water supplies whether obtained from municipal reserviours or private wells contain dissolved mineral salts and other materials. The amount present determine various characteristics which effect water quality.

    Water to be used for any domestic application must pass the local, state or international standards. In most of our areas water is supplied by our municipal authorities after getting it from deep wells. Normally at the tubewell outlet, most of the water samples shows satisfactory results. Chemically-wise, the water of your area is near to WHO Highest Desirable concentration.

    In some areas where brackish water is available, Reverse osmosis is the only system which can guarantee trouble free water for you and your family. For other areas having complaints of iron, lead, fluoride, nitrates, chromium, high sulphates, chlorides, bacteria and viruses again the reverse osmosis guaranteed purified water for the family.

  1. A good water filter is the best and maybe the only solution nowadays. You can install and maintain the filters yourself and can ensure and feel safe about the water which you and your family drink. Just make sure the filter you choose removes the most spectrum of contaminants. Usually a professional filtration system worth invest-in is a 4 to 5 stage water purifier system. Each stage will remove certain types of contaminants, and all stages combined should protect you from just about every contaminant. Our H2ome Water filters and H2ome –RO mate systems , are what we believe to be the most thorough and cost effective way to purify drinking water. Such a system will pay for itself within half a year and can last 10-15 years with easy annual filter changes.The virus/bacteria in water may grow/enter from any source i.e., from well, distribution pipeline, from air, from overhead storage tank, from factory piping, open collection tanks, cooling towers etc. It is very difficult to have control at all these point. So to ensure bacteria/virus free water for drinking you must have some water sterilization system at point of use. So it is necessary to install suitable water treatment at all drinking water points to remove all turbidity, soluble Toxic organic, bad taste and odor and bacteria/viruses. These systems will guarantee regular supply of good quality drinking water safe from all types of hazards.
  1. In our daily routine life we use different types of filter, such as filter in Car air, oil, fuel) A.C. ( air, dust).But the reality is different, about 99.9% of our population neither think about the benefit of water filtration and purification of (the most essential part of our life) WATER.The impurities present in our water make our body difficult to smoothly fulfil its functions. Our body start working as a filter and unwanted impurities accumulates/builds in our body. Slowly and slowly our body looses its resistance and we found our selves surrounded by a no of diseases.

    Potable water as our most important source of life never be reduced in quality. In order to help you get clean and disease-free water for use by you and your family, Water 2000, Inc introduced a wide range of h2ome potable water puriifaction systems

    At present, we have 16 standard models of water purification systems. Choose any one to match your requirement.

    Here, in Pakistan we normally don’t have clear understanding about water, water quality and problems (diseases) which may arise due to use of bad quality water. Today, it’s fundamental good sense to protect yourself and family from contaminant that can threaten your health.

    Most of us are drinking water without any treatment especially filtration alone. It is also surprising to note that we use every fluid (as Oil, fuel, air) in our automobiles with proper filtration techniques except water for drinking.
    In order to get quality water for home/ potable use, those impurities that surpass acceptable levels must be identified. No water treatment equipment on a public or private supply should be selected or installed without a water analysis.

After the industrial revolution, the pollution of water increases rapidly as millions of gallons of industrial waste are being thrown into our land without any treatment.

Use of modern techniques in our agriculture has increased the use of Organic and inorganic fertilizers, insecticides/pesticides, herbicides. Only a fraction of these are effectively utilized for their purpose. Rest of it (more than 95%) is absorbed by our land and by seepage, it got mixed with our underground water reservoirs or surface water sources.

Population of our country is increasing at a very high rate. All of our municipal waste is being thrown into the rivers, canals, surface pounds without any treatment. They also contain thousands of different kind of hazardous chemicals which slowly got mixed with our precious water reservoirs and make them polluted.

Due to all above factors, the water reaches our tap is now not as safe as it was before.

You have recently heard of Hudaiara Drain coming from India . Our Lahore and surrounding areas are generating nearly 9 heavily polluted waste water streams of that size. These untreated waste water streams are continuously polluting our water.

In our daily life, we observe different fluids (liquid/gas) being used in a variety of applications , are processed by using the latest techniques. But before its ultimate use, they are passed through some types of filters to ensure that only good quality fluids are being used in the related equipment.Even in your car air, oil and fuel filters are used to filter these fluids before they enter into the engine.

Water is extensively being used in various industrial, commercial application i.e., . heating, cooling, washing, process, or other application. In all these applications, water undergoes some kind of treatment as filtration (Sand/Carbon), Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Ultraviolet Sterilization. All these treatments are carried out to prevent our equipment from the bad effect of water due to impurities present in it as suspended solids, dissolved solids, gases, bacteria & viruses etc,.

The type of and quantity of impurities present determine the quality of water and subsequent problems that may arise from its use.Similarly, these impurities too have bad impact on our body . Water should be processed, treated, or at least filtered before we put it into our use (Drinking especially).

Our body requires water to perform the following three major functions:

Helps in maintaining body temperature.

Helps in food Digestion.

Helps in removing excess /useless elements present in our body through urine.

Water is essential necessity for life. But no one sure that water in our use is safe for drinking ?

The fact is that bottled water sold in the Pakistan is not always filtered and not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water, according to a four-year scientific study recently made public by the our Ministries.

The ministry study included testing of more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands of bottled water. While most of the tested waters were found to be of high quality, some brands were significantly contaminated.

About one-third of the waters tested contained levels of contamination including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic (at least one sample exceeded allowable limits under either state or bottled water industry standards or guidelines). In fact, about a quarter of all bottled water is actually bottled tap water , according to government and industry estimates (some estimates go as high as 40 percent).

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