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Water 2000 offers a wide range of systems suitable for various municipal and residential water treatment system.  We offer a best range of AQUA-RO reverse osmosis systems suitable for various municipal and residential applications. AQUA-RO pre-engineered and specifically designed (Customized) systems are manufactured to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, power, microelectronics, and general industry customer. The standard AQUA-RO systems come in flow rates from 50 GPD to 10 MGPD.

With decades of R&D and standard product development experience devoted to reverse osmosis systems engineering and hundreds of successful installations across the country, you can rely on Water 2000 for your most demanding liquid separation and purification needs using reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technologies. Our portfolio of reverse osmosis systems includes those specifically engineered and designed for municipal, medium sized commercial applications, small laboratory applications and trailer-mounted mobile systems for temporary  and emergency applications.


Moreover, Water 2000 offers a wide range of economical, compact and efficient waste water treatment systems. Carrying over 25 years of  professional experience, we provide complete technical services starting from consultancy, analysis, design to installation, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant. We supply different capacity waste water treatment system varying from single size dwelling to medium to large residential societies, large municipal and Industrial discharges.

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